This page contains the questions we get asked the most about Free flights to Italy NGO.

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Do you speak English?

Yes, you can also communicate with us in English.

Are flight reimbursements legal in Italy?

Sure, they are a legal right of Italians living abroad — see the homepage — although almost nobody knows about it and therefore nobody asks for a refund. Free flights to Italy NGO helps Italian citizens to get informed and exercise this option. Moreover, we expand the number of beneficiaries and include larger segments of the population. One of our goals is to amend the law and formally include them in the regulation.

Is it mandatory to pay the whole amount of the return ticket in advance?

No, it is not mandatory. Economically disadvantaged Italian citizens having an ISEE index lower than €15000 can ask us to pay up front on their behalf, in which case we will receive the refund on their behalf.

How will I be refunded?

The refund will be issued to the PayPal account associated with the email address of your SPID account.

Can you help me find the best flight deals?

Sure, we are happy to help our members find the most convenient offers in order to then obtain a flight refund more easily.

I am having trouble activating a new SPID account, can you help me?

Yes, we will be happy to help you out if you send a scan or photo of your current Italian ID card (front and back) to spid@freeflightstoitaly.ngo, explaining clearly what issues you are facing.

Can I volunteer for Free flights to Italy NGO or become a local representative and/or coordinator?

Sure, the Ambassadors program allows you to become a local representative and/or coordinator of Free flights to Italy NGO chapter in your area. Although volunteers don't take (or need) a salary, they get €10 to cover their time and incidental expenses for each new user that will sign up for Free flights to Italy NGO using a SPID account. This refund will be processed by PayPal or Wise upon reaching the minimum threshold of €100.

Should I send a copy of my AIRE certificate?

No, SPID accounts made the AIRE certificate unnecessary, because they already include AIRE data.

Is Free flights to Italy NGO a political party?

Although technically Free Flights to Italy NGO is not a political party and is not affiliated with any parties, the organization strongly believes that we can engage in proactive, rather than reactive, politics, in order to support the law and the legislative proposals that promote our core values.

Some people on the Internet told me that Free flights to Italy NGO is a scam. Is that true?

No, it is a typical example of fake news where our name is used to get more clicks (clickbait). Free flights to Italy NGO has never asked for money, therefore it cannot be a scam. Free flights to Italy NGO has never faced any investigation let alone any trial. Haters, or political rivals, who write random articles about Free flights to Italy NGO, are actually using our name to create clickbait webpages. Several people have been convicted of defamation and/or conspiracy over the years; we may supply (uncertified) copies of judgments and orders to third parties who so request in compliance with privacy laws and the GDPR. See also consuladospanama.org/alberto-riva or selvaggialucarelli.blog/condannata (in Italian).

If membership is free, how do you finance your projects?

Our projects are made possible thanks to the donations of benefactors who know and support our activities and more importantly who want to build bridges between Italians and the motherland with us.

I agree with the objectives of Free flights to Italy NGO and I want to make a donation. Is it possible?

Sure, voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments are always welcome.

Are donations tax-deductible?

In Panama, they are. However, they are not tax-deductible elsewhere (i.e. in the US or in Italy) because Free flights to Italy is an NGO under Panamanian law.

If I don't have an SPID account, can I get a refund?

No, please read the explanation provided by the Italian Ministry and get a SPID account as soon as possible. You can also find this YouTube video useful and you can download its slides in Italian or in English: