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‟Italians need to reconnect with Italy and preserve the Italian heritage and culture in order to strengthen and empower ties between the American continent and Italy„

Free Flights to Italy is the only organization in the world that has a specific target for the benefit of Italian citizens living abroad: building bridges between communities through free flights to and from Italy.

Protected by, and protecting, law n. 459/2001: air tickets

Free flights to Italy NGO exists to protect the rights provided for by art. 20 par. 2 law n. 459/2001, that is, the refund of 75% of return air tickets, and extend them to all Italian citizens living in our constituency (North and Central America) registered with AIRE. Almost all Italians are not even aware of the travel discounts and benefits to which they may be entitled and therefore do not benefit from them, ignoring Italian laws and ministerial circulars. Free flights to Italy NGO builds and strengthens bridges between Italy and Italian citizens abroad.

We are welcome the two digital public tools introduced in Italy some time ago, namely the SPID and the CIE - with which we have also updated our flight reimbursement procedures - but we believe that some improvements of these digital tools are most needed. Information technology must be at the service of democracy, not bureaucracy.

We Italians living abroad have the right to return to Italy, where we proudly maintain our roots. ISTAT reports annually that the Italian birth rate is negative; this necessarily implies that Italians living in Italy will die out sooner or later. Now more than ever, it is necessary to build bridges, both to strengthen the historical and cultural ties of Italians with Italy and to counteract its worrying depopulation.

Most of the organization's members, who are all AIRE volunteers, wish to strengthen their cultural bonds with Italy through scholarships, language learning, travels (flying for free to and from Italy), genealogy, study of Italian history and Italian art etc. Membership is always free. Free Flights to Italy currently operates in Italy, USA, Canada and Central America. Not only does the organization supports initiatives to fly from/to Italy for free, but it also gives citizens and/or dual citizens access to culture via schools and society. The Italian NGO builds bridges between cultures and individuals, cultural heritage and the exact sciences, innovation and technology, integrating communities and leaving a legacy.

If you are an Italian living abroad and you share the goals of our organization, sign up for Free flights to Italy NGO now. It is free. Yes, it has always been free and will always be free. Send a scan/photo of a page certifying your registration to the SPID service at and you will receive the personal QR code to log in to the refund portal. If you don't have the SPID or you don't know what it is, read the explanation provided by the Italian Ministry.

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