Falling in love in Italy

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The ladies who support our organization often ask about dating Italian men and would like to meet Italian men in Italy. We have written this guide to meet their needs and to add a new free service to our fun social activities. All our men are highly educated, well traveled, and successful.

Welcome to the only free webpage that connects you with Italian singles. If you are looking for love and your dream is to find an Italian man, hopefully a boyfriend or a husband, you are in the right place. Unlike all other dating websites or apps, we don't charge anything: believe it or not, the best Italian dating service is completely free. We want our members to be happy, and we want to see as many successful stories as possible. This is not a commercial service!

The purpose of this guide is to delve into the nuances of dating in Italy in order to facilitate your search for an Italian man with whom you can start a romantic relationship. We will provide many useful tips to make your experience memorable and get maximum results from online dating and dating apps. Unlike all other websites and apps, our goal is not to make money, but to help Italians or anyone who loves Italy, who wants to move to Italy, or who already lives in Italy.

Therefore, are you seeking a long term relationship with a hardworking, diligent, intelligent, high-profile, trustworthy Italian man? Do you love countries rich of history, art, culture, fashion, food, nature, music? Would you like to live la dolce vita in Italy and being immersed in the timeless infinite beauty that this country can offer? Are you fed up with dating apps? Are you tired of being single? Do you believe that life is not meant to be lived alone? Have you ever dreamed of a wedding in Italy or in another beautiful place in the world? Do you love to travel the world? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, read on.

Meeting Italian singles and experiencing romance in Italy: a comprehensive guide

Italian singles: how to find a boyfriend or a husband

If you want to date real Italian singles, the best solution is traveling to Italy, and our NGO can help you with that. As far as romance and charm factors go, Italian men top the leaderboards: dating in Italy is as appealing as a trip to Venice, Florence, Rome, Sicily, or one of the hundreds of astonishing Italian towns.

Meeting real Italian singles to find an Italian boyfriend or husband

Finding a real Italian man is not difficult but most women make silly mistakes due to inexperience. This guide will explain how you can achieve your goal by covering all the aspects you should be aware of.

Dating in Italy: guide and tips on the Italian dating culture

You may be surprised, but Italians don't really have the concept of "dating". In Italy, you can say you are (or are not) in a relationship, but you can't say you are "dating" someone, let alone dating more than one person. Italians don't "date", except for teenagers; they want a relationship instead, possibly a long-term one, or marriage. Nevertheless, dating an Italian is easy and we are going to explain the best ways to find an Italian partner, boyfriend or husband.

Italian singles meet through their friends, relatives or colleagues and then decide to start a relationship if they are both interested, whereas in the US — but also in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia etc. — dating usually precedes a relationship proper and some people "date" as many people as possible until they find one they like. This mentality would be a major issue in Italy instead: dating many people does not belong to Italian customs or etiquette, which is why it is frowned upon and considered inappropriate behavior. Basically, it is a great way to rock the boat right away. If you want to pique a person's interest, you should show genuine interest, and considering going on a date with someone else is an immediate deal-breaker. In Italy, if you are spending a lot of time with someone and seeing each other regularly, you can generally assume that they are the only person that they are dating. You usually don't have to be worried about exclusivity as you do in other countries: in Italy, it is implicit.

Moreover, there are no specific places where Italian singles meet. They may exist in other countries, but not in Italy. Actually, this means that any place in Italy can be a good one, as long as you are fluent in Italian and you can easily befriends other singles.

It goes without saying that you shouldn't underestimate the importance that fashion has in Italy: middle-class and upper-class women — and men — usually wear pricey, classy, designer clothes, with shoes and accessories of the same level. Therefore, if you really want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, you should at least avoid inferior apparel. We will come back to this point later.

Online dating: apps and websites

To some extent, dating Italian men can feel old-fashioned. In Italy, if you like someone, you pursue them — yes, this is also true for women — to see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, nothing is lost: you go separate ways. In any case, you must be located in Italy.

However, if you don't have enough money to travel to Italy, or you don't have a passport and/or an Italian visa, you could try to find Italian singles online using an app or a website such as Tinder, Bumble, Facebook dating and so on, and then setting Italy, Rome, Florence, Amalfi and Positano, Venice, Milan or whatever as your favorite place or even your hometown. Actually, this is not a good idea, because online dating is not very common in Italy, and dating apps or websites are not as popular as they are in the US. Italians usually prefer to meet other singles in real life without dating apps or websites, which are considered ineffective due to the massive amount of fake profiles, sex workers looking for money etc. Also, dating apps and websites need to retain as many customers as possible, because if everyone found a partner, nobody would use the app or the website anymore — a basic marketing principle.

We are now ready for the hard truth about online dating in Italy. All these apps and websites promise to help you find italiano singles near you, but… the results might not be what you were expecting. Keep in mind that some of them claim to be free, but they are actually free to join, and if you don't pay, you won't get any real matches.


Tinder: the most popular app, but mainly used by sex workers; plenty of inactive or unverified fake profiles. It might occasionally work for hookups; after all, it is globally considered a "hook-up app". Avoid it like the plague if you are seeking a boyfriend or husband, that is to say if you want a serious long-term relationship, or marriage. Rating: 1 (out of 5) ⭐


Bumble: no sex workers, but few Italian users; some of them are verified though. Inactive profiles tend to be excluded by the system. It might work for hookups but it might also work if you are looking for a long-term relationship or even marriage. Anyway, it doesn't have many fake or inactive profiles, so it is not as horrible as Tinder. Rating: 2 (out of 5) ⭐⭐


OkCupid: not popular; plenty of inactive or abandoned accounts. Italian people are being replaced with accounts from Africa and Asia. Same company as Tinder, and it shows. Rating: 1 (out of 5) ⭐

Hinge, Happn and others

Other mobile-only apps such as Hinge, Happn etc.: not popular, practically unknown, very few real users, too many fake or abandoned profiles. Rating: 1 (out of 5) ⭐

Badoo, website and app

Badoo: millions of profiles, but more than 90% are fake or from Eastern Europe. The remaining 10% are Italian users, but not necessarily in your area and/or active. It may also become expensive, just to have a chat with a person. Unlikely to work for hookups, let alone for long-term relationships. Same company as Bumble, but Badoo is much worse. Rating: 1 (out of 5) ⭐

match.com, meetic.it, eharmony.com

match.com, meetic.it, eharmony.com: not popular, few Italian users, usually expensive on a monthly basis, lots of fake and inactive profiles. Not recommended. They may work in the US, but not in Italy. Rating: 1 (out of 5) ⭐

Facebook dating

Facebook dating: this one is actually free because Facebook uses a different business model, but matches are very difficult anyway: the app tends to show a series of beautiful profiles right away, which are all inactive though. Rating: 1 (out of 5) ⭐

Italiano singles

rosebrides.com aka Rose brides, italianosingles.com aka Italiano singles: fake profiles, total scam. Rating: 1 (out of 5) ⭐ simply because it is not possible to give 0.

Catholic and Christian singles

Italian Christian singles, Catholic match etc.: these kinds of American religious apps and websites can't work in Italy simply because Italian singles aren't interested in them and have never used them. If you are religious, the best way to find your Italian man is attending a Catholic parish or a Christian congregation in Italy. Don't waste your money: uninstall the app and join a group of singles at church. Rating: 1 (out of 5) ⭐️

We have just reviewed all the dating apps in Italy. On the whole, online dating might work well if you need short and superficial sexual relationships, assuming you are lucky enough to get them for free: most likely, you will not get anything at all, and your time will be wasted anyway. This is because dating apps and websites are conceived to retain as many trapped users as possible: if everyone found a partner right away, nobody would need to use the app or the website again! Basic marketing.

Curiously, the most popular "dating" app is Tinder, which is also the most ridiculous. Other apps have been trying to oust Tinder for a long time, unsuccessfully, despite plenty of fake ads and plenty of alleged "happy couples" who met through the nth new app and are now married with kids etc. Needless to say, none of these hypothetical couples say where they are from, where they live, or their real full names. Do they exist? Sure, in the imagination of the publicists.

Mind you, in theory it is possible to find a serious person on a dating app or website, but in practice it is extremely difficult. Being a complete waste of time, in our experience it is not worth it.

Living or getting married in Italy: is it viable? Do I need to be rich?

The reality is that living in the most beautiful places of Italy is expensive. It is no accident that only rich artists, such as George Clooney, can afford a decent lifestyle in Italy or a decent wedding in Italy — Venice, in his case. Tom Cruise's third wedding, celebrated in a castle not far from our office, was absolutely gorgeous, but certainly not cheap. More importantly, wealthy men — or women — especially world-famous actors and singers, have no trouble getting a visa, simply because they can buy a permanent one for €500.000 (about half a million US dollars). Anyway, it is a known fact that only the wealthy could afford to travel and live overseas without much hassle. On the other hand, even dreams have their drawbacks: in fact, any rich man, or rich woman, will soon realize that Italy has one of the highest tax burdens in the world.

Also, you might want to answer these questions:

Don't underestimate the last point, especially if you are a lady. We will come back to this later.

Inviting an Italian man

In theory, the best solution is going to Italy and starting to look for a good guy. Regardless of the outcome, you will definitely enjoy the myriad beautiful places that Italy has. After all, we are talking about one of the most beautiful countries in the world. However, why not invite a real Italian man to your hometown? Some Italians are willing to move, as long as they don't lose their job or they can find a new one. It can be a great way to date and get to know each other. Also, you could go to Italy and Europe — Paris/France, Madrid/Spain, London/England, you name it — on vacation together with him whenever you want: all these places belong to the same area, smaller than the US.

Where to look for Italian singles

A common misconception is that Italy has some places where singles meet. We have received emails from ladies asking «Where do I find a husband in Italy?», «Where do I find a boyfriend in Italy?», «Where are all the available men?» or «I want to marry an Italian man: how can I find a good man?». In other words, they wanted an "address" where they could find a man. The reality is there is no such thing as a specific place (or places) for singles in Italy. Other countries may have this concept, but not Italy. In theory, any place can potentially be the good one, as long as you are fluent in Italian and therefore able to communicate and get to know people. Having the highest number of romantic getaways in the world, Italy is a great place to find a nice man to date, to have a serious relationship with, or to marry.

Granted, if your name is Juliet, you live in Verona, and your boyfriend is called Romeo, your love life may not be that easy though.

Myths and misconceptions: Italians only want sex

It is not uncommon to come across blogs that try to support this argument. The typical complaints are: «Attractive Italian men only want sex», «Italian men are so cute, and cheaters», «Handsome Italian men are players», «That hot Italian guy was a total jerk». The reality is: they never describe any real evidence, let alone statistically significant scientific and/or academic data. Occasionally they may come up with a "survey", conducted by their favorite magazine or website, not exactly scientific and/or academic sources. Most bloggers, usually American ladies, tell their own experiences or their girlfriends' experiences: in brief, they didn't manage to maintain a relationship with their Italian partner, or didn't manage to start one at all, which is why they are still very upset. Anyway, we don't doubt they might have had a bad experience and we respect everybody's opinions… but they are just opinions, more often than not belonging to frustrated people who generalize their failures, and project their own inability to build a long-term relationship onto others. The rationale is: «We broke up? It’s because every Italian man is an idiot and now I hate them!» Curiously, they don't have an American man either, nor do they have a French man, a Spanish man or whatever.

On the other hand, people like the Clooneys enjoy the unique beauty of Italy without ranting and raving or wasting time on Internet forums, blogs or Facebook. Quite a different approach…

As a matter of fact, compulsive cheaters and/or sex addicts can be found anywhere in the world, not necessarily in Italy. Aren't there any cheaters in the US, to pick just one example?

Seeing Italians as "sex machines" — for better or worse, depending on one's preferences — is obviously a distorted picture of reality. In any case, what you will not find elsewhere is… the place: Italy is unique and, believe it or not, this may improve your sex life too: do you think that a romantic weekend in Italy would harm or benefit the couple?

For what it is worth, our suggestion is: you can make the most of Italy (and Italian men) but it all depends on you. Choose the right person, bring out the best in you, don't blame others for your own failures, and choose the right place — which doesn't necessarily mean living in Italy all the time: the world is much bigger and there is a lot to see. Your success is in your own hands: if you are looking to date with the intention of and the willingness to commit to a long-term relationship, invest your time in getting to know someone who is also seeking the same, and you will not be disappointed, no matter where your partner comes from.

Famous couples who chose Italy for their wedding

The iconic Italian dolce vita (literally: sweet life) is everyone's dream, because Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the one with the highest number of Unesco world heritage sites, despite its small land area. This is why several famous couples (or former couples…) decided to get married, or renew their wedding vows, in fabulous Italian locations and live out the dream of an unforgettable gorgeous Italian wedding: George Clooney and Amal in Venice, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Florence, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in a castle not far from our office in the Rome area, just to name a few. That being said, if you travel to Italy to meet other Italian singles, you have nothing to lose: even if you don't find your significant other, you will enjoy the extraordinary beauty that Italy offers.

Dating Italian men: Getting to know a potential boyfriend or husband in Italy

Once you find an Italian boyfriend, you could invite him to your hometown if you are having trouble staying in Italy — due to visas, money, culture shock, bureaucracy, documents, you name it. Besides, many Italian men are willing to move, as long as they can work remotely or can find a new job. It is a great opportunity to get to know each other and determine whether your man can also become your husband. You could travel with him to other European countries too — Paris/France, Madrid/Barcelona/Spain, London/England and many more.

Dating Italian men in the North or in the South

The Italian dating culture is fairly homogeneous, both in the North and in the South. However, there may be some difference after the dating phase, because cohabitation is more likely to be frowned upon in the South. Therefore, Southern Italian men — but more importantly their parents and relatives — tend to be more open to the idea of getting married soon. This is just a statistical comparison though, and there is no fixed rule, so you can find exceptions both in the North and in the South.

Unveiling Italian dating etiquette

Expressiveness and open communication

When dating an Italian, mind games have no place. Italians are expressive individuals who value open communication in their relationships. This extends to the realm of texting as well. If you had a wonderful time on a date, don't hesitate to send a text afterward to express your feelings. Flirting is highly significant in Italian culture, so be prepared for lots of eye contact, compliments, and physical touch. The flirting stage can extend for weeks or even months, as Italians love to savor each moment of the blossoming romance.

Dress to impress

Fashion is a core aspect of Italian culture, and it seamlessly integrates into the dating scene. Italians put great effort into looking their best when going on a date, and it is crucial to reciprocate the gesture. Italian women like to impress men through elegant and feminine attire. So, ditch the leggings unless you are heading to a sports event, and opt for that special outfit you have been saving for a memorable occasion. Embrace your passionate and flirtatious side, and be open to affectionate gestures such as hand-holding, kisses, and public displays of affection. However, it is essential to stay true to yourself and communicate your boundaries if these gestures make you uncomfortable.

Meeting Italian singles: social connections and nightlife

In Italy, meeting potential partners often occurs through social connections rather than online platforms. Your chances of finding your Italian soulmate increase when you engage in activities with friends, join group settings, or pursue common interests. However, if you are looking for a more casual encounter, clubs and bars near you can be great places to explore, especially at night.

The importance of family approval: embracing the Italian familial bond

Italian families are known for their close-knit relationships, and your Italian partner will likely have a strong connection with their family. If you want your relationship to flourish, gaining the family's approval is essential. Embrace the opportunity to spend time with your partner's family, show interest in their traditions, and appreciate the significance of familial bonds in Italian culture.

Culinary delights and love: food is the language of love

Italy's delectable cuisine plays a significant role in dating rituals. Cooking is considered a love language in Italy, and when an Italian offers to cook for you, it's a heartfelt expression of appreciation. For a first date, an aperitivo, a light meal with drinks, is an ideal choice. It provides an opportunity to enjoy each other's company without committing to a full-course dinner. However, if the date is going exceptionally well, it can seamlessly transition into a longer evening.

Getting married in Italy: how to marry an Italian man, technically speaking

While Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, if not the most beautiful, it is also one of the most bureaucratic. Everything requires you to go through a lot of red tape, all the more so if you are going to get married. This is very different from the mentality of the US or of English-speaking countries in general. Requirements for foreigners, US citizens included, are strict.

That being said, you don't have to worry: we will take care of everything quickly. We get paperwork done every day, in Italy and abroad. Not only are we familiar with the Italian legislative system, but unfortunately also with Italian bureaucracy.

Final summary: pros and cons of dating an Italian

Pros of dating an Italian

Dating an Italian man is fun and will give you the opportunity to discover a country rich in

Pros of marrying an Italian

This section is going to be a bit more pragmatic:

Obviously, these perks are irrelevant if you are already a EU citizen.

Cons of dating an Italian

Dating an Italian man is not recommended if


Dating and meeting Italian singles in Italy is a captivating journey filled with passion, romance, and cultural nuances. From the traditional dating values to the importance of family approval, Italy offers a unique dating experience. By understanding Italian customs, embracing the expressive nature of Italians, and immersing yourself in their vibrant culture, you will increase your chances of finding love in this picturesque country. So, get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime as you explore the captivating world of dating in Italy!

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Alternatively, other proof that you can show is social media, personal website, LinkedIn profile etc. (we must be certain that it belongs to you though).

Please specify if you do not speak Italian fluently, in which case you will be put in contact with men who also speak English very well.
If you don't live in Italy, we can also help you plan a trip.

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